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New to the hostel life? First time in Providence?

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

As I sit here typing, I cannot believe how quickly the past two weeks have gone. I arrived early on a Saturday evening and was warmly welcomed by another volunteer and two guests, all of whom I quickly became good friends and had a great first night at Patrick's Irish pub with. After a not so smooth journey through customs, I was grateful to arrive in an environment that made me feel instantly relieved, something I may not have gotten had I been staying alone at a hotel. The likelihood of me making friends at a hotel, I'm sure is slimmer than that of a hostel.

I have always been quite closed towards the idea of staying at a hostel. The thought of sharing a room with complete strangers, as well as the possibility of being stuck with someone who snores put me off too much aha. I am pleased to say that my mind has been opened and altered! I have enjoyed the hostel experience thus far, which I think is also because I accepted that certain things do come with staying at a hostel. Let me elaborate... If you book to stay in a hostel, you can't really go to bed at 8 pm and then complain about other people sharing the same room as you, walking in and out of an evening... It comes with the hostel experience! BUT if you can accept and look past those things, I think you will be able to really appreciate the perks and quirks of staying at a hostel.

I have met wonderful people from all over the world including Korea, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, New York and Texas in the past two weeks alone! The hostel has been a nice warm place to come back to of an evening, after a day of exploring 'Foodie wonderland' Providence. I have enjoyed my role as a volunteer thus far, I enjoy interacting with guests the most, showing them around the hostel and explaining how things work. Always remember, the experience is what YOU make it. For example, being as I have been out and about in Providence a lot already, I have been making personal recommendations of places I have thoroughly enjoyed. I love to share and talk about the places that I have had a great experience at, with other people.

There are quirky and aesthetically pleasing places to check out in Providence. Sometimes it's simply about how you feel whilst at a certain place. My personal favourites, because of the latter reason are Wickenden street where there is a quirky coffee shop called Coffee Exchange: the best coffee I've had in a while! (and the surrounding area near Brown University). If you walk to one end of Wickenden street, in the Fox Point neighborhood of Providence, you will find India Point Park where you will be presented with a view of the river. A perfect spot for a hot summers day (after purchasing an iced coffee at Coffee Exchange of course!). There's a lot of places to eat along wickenden street/the fox point neighborhood of Providence and I feel like a real local when I'm there. I won't speak too much about the places I've eaten and recommend, I'll save that for another post.

So give it a go, try a hostel... you might be surprised. While you're at it, check out Providence too. It seems to have quite a few hidden gems.

Post by: Shauna Wright Instagram: Shaunawrightcreative

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