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New to NewPort? READ ME!

After munching my way through hot, fresh French Toast at Capitol Hill Diner (a 5 min walk from the hostel), I walked downtown to Kennedy Plaza to catch the 60 bus (stop Y) to Newport for the generous price of $2 for one way. The $2 buys you a special kind of bus journey: a scenic one which presents to you beautiful white-picket-fence style houses and allows you to experience a ride across the Claiborne Pell/Newport Bridge. Not bad for $2 aye? AND this is before you even arrive at Newport!

Newport is the last stop on the bus so don't worry, you can relax and fully enjoy the journey without having to worry about getting off at the 'right' stop. After about an hour and fifteen minutes, the bus pulled up directly at the Newport Visitor Center which was super handy! The member of staff that spoke to me really knew his stuff and provided some great suggestions of things to do for free (which is always a perk). The suggestions included: The beach, a cliff walk & a street filled with breathtaking mansions.

Leaving the visitor center, I made my way to the harbour which was buzzing with people enjoying the gorgeous weather. The atmosphere was wonderful. There is a toffee shop: ANCHOR TOFFEE right by the harbour which I couldn't possibly leave without indulging in a free sample of the almond butter toffee... SO good!

There is also a super cute coffee shop right on the harbour that I recommend: COFFEE GRINDER. A little pricey (almost $4 for a small iced coffee), but delicious nonetheless with PLENTY of options and a quirky interior.

The shops near the harbour are boutique style and nice to browse in, but be prepared for the expensive prices. If you're on a budget (like myself), I recommend Harry's Bar & Burger happy hour for lunch. Yes that's right, a happy hour for burgers! (1/2 price) You get two sliders per order (sliders are about half the size of a regular burger). The burgers that I ate were hot, fresh and very tasty AND only cost me around $5 (including a soft drink). I'm getting hungry just thinking about them...

After enjoying a burger break, we made our way along Memorial Blvd which is basically a straight walk to the beach. Although the water was freezing, I obviously couldn't resist dipping my feet in. Being by the sea was so freeing for me. Before heading back to the bus station, we walked SOME of the cliff walk which if you do the entire walk, is 3.5 miles! I was too tired at the end of the day to do the entire walk. I recommend starting with the walk, working up an appetite and then relaxing with a spot of lunch (that's what I would do if I visited again).

In my opinion, Newport is somewhere to go to simply appreciate the quaint aesthetic of the area and to relax and enjoy the harbour and the closeness of the ocean. All you really need is money for food and you're all set for a wonderful day!

Check out the video I made below for some images and footage of my day in Newport!

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