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Bodacious Boston

Stepping out of South Station Boston, I was greeted by a striking Street art mural in Dewey Square (across from the bustling South Station). Compelled by the painting, I would visit again before I left Boston and discover it was created by 38-year-old artist Stefan Thelen (also known as "Super A") and entitled "Resonance". Thelen's work took my breath away. I loved and was inspired by the meaning behind it too: a type of metaphor for breaking free from social, emotional and political constraints (picture of mural below).

Rewinding before I spend the entirety of this post gushing about Thelen's work, after a stunning start to my Boston trip and a newly developed spring in my step, I decided to head straight for Chinatown (which is less than a ten minute walk from South Station). The Chinatown gate is incredible in itself, I just love seeing combined culture. As I walked through Chinatown, the warmth of the sun beating down on me, I knew it was time for one thing and ONE thing ONLY: iced coffee! deciding to embrace where I was, I opted for a Vietnamese iced coffee: sweet but strong.

Coffee in hand, I strolled excitedly through the city to Boston Common (starting point of the famous Freedom Trail) which is a central public park in the Downtown area of Boston. Enjoying walking through the bustling, open green space, I reached one of the highlights of my trip: Boston Public Garden. The Public garden almost instantly reminded me of Central Park, but also its own thing entirely. I particularly liked the quaint lake in the middle of the garden complete with an aesthetically pleasing bridge.

Another visually attractive (and free) thing to do, is strolling through the picturesque neighborhood of Beacon Hill. Even better, is that the neighborhood is next to Boston Public Garden/Common so you can do all of the above at once (without having walk to far or pay for any transport!). Charming Beacon Hill is lined with cute boutique style shops and places to grab a coffee. Maybe I am biased because I enjoy walking, especially when I visit a new city because I feel like I see more, but I felt that Boston was an easy and enjoyable city to walk from one place to another.

From Beacon Hill you can easily get to the Charles River Esplanade (another highlight of my trip). People chilling out on the decking at the dock created an exciting summer vibe and I myself could not resist joining before venturing on. From the Esplanade, I walked to Boston Public Library (which is free entry) and remarkable inside. I was thoroughly enjoying my day in Boston and all I'd spent money on was an Iced Coffee!

As a natural born foodie and just a human in general, I was beginning to work up an appetite and really fancied some fresh pizza. Relying on my friend google to provide the goods, I decided on Ernesto's pizza a 2 minute walk from Haymarket (which is where I munched my way through the $5 quarter of a pizza). Not the best I've had, but great for the price! Note: I did not walk to Ernesto's pizza from Boston Public Library, I took a ride on the "T".

Fast forward to my second and final day in Boston (I could've easily spent more time here), I decided to walk the Freedom Trail. In all honesty, I did not walk to Freedom Trail because I was particularly interested in seeing historic sights, but I used it instead as a guided walk to see what else I could discover, as well as new parts of the city I hadn't yet ventured.

Perks that come with walking the freedom trail if you're not necessarily interested in the historic sights: a taste of Italy when passing through Little Italy, Crossing the Charlestown bridge (Charlestown itself is another picturesque neighborhood) and finally, climbing the 295 steps of the Bunker Hill Monument: the view is absolutely worth it.

After a 2.5-mile-long walk topped off with 295 steps in sweltering city heat, I was feeling a mix of accomplished and exhausted. I did however decide to walk back to South Station (another chance to see the city) to get the commuter rail directly to Providence. Oh the gratitude I felt at such an easy commute after two days of walking around a city in the heat.

I am looking forward to returning to Booming Boston one day, but for now, next stop: NYC!

Post by: Shauna Wright Instagram: Shaunawrightcreative